All LaborFormaindustrial thermoforming machines are manufactured according CE directives and provided with the following standard equipment:

  • Manual sheetloading
  • Sheetclampingsystem
  • Forming station with plug assist system
  • Bilateral sheet heating system with ceramic heaters
  • Cooling system with fans
  • Vacuum system
  • PC with color display screen and control software

All machines maybe equipped with the following optional:

  • Automatic sheet clamping adjustment with motors (Patent)
  • Automatic mould plate clamping
  • Mould drawing carriage
  • Automatically adjustable window frame with motors (Patent)
  • Automatic sheet loader
  • Unwinder
  • Pre-heating unit
  • Remote diagnostics

Heating system configuration

Each heating panel may be equipped with different type of heaters, chosen according to the end user’s requirements among ceramicheaters, either standard or high-efficiency, quartz heaters, flash heaters (halogen).
Dimension of heating elements are selected according to the product type to be thermoformed.
The optional configuration of the machine includes also the installation of an IR pyrometer, which assures a correct thermoforming of each sheet, in particular when different temperature values are involved.

The System with servomotors

The core of the thermoforming system consists of the powered handling controls of mould plate, plug assist and material clampingtools. Owing to the use of servomotors, the following improvements have been attained:

  • Handling accuracy
  • output rate with increase in the number of cycles per hour,owing to higher moving speed
  • decrease in the machine noise level and avoidance of environmental contamination as no oil-dynamic power unit is used


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