The thermoforming machines type HEDL are composed of a series of in line stations which allow the forming proccess fully automatic. HEDL is suitable to work plastic material in reel or in sheets (ABS / and HIPS) with thickness from 0,8 mm to 2 mm. and is addressed to the production of inner doors for domestic refrigerators. It is possible to use moulds which can be positive or partially negative with respect to the plastic material sliding line. The coil supply ensures a very high productivity and a range of options make the machine particularly very fast, even regarding the timing of the mould changeover and the set up. The peculiarity of the machine is due to the opportunity to cut directly into the forming station The machine complies with CE regulations and is equipped with components of the best main world-wide known brands

Production speed HEDL by sheet

Inner doors
HIPS 1,5 mm up to 300 pcs/h
ABS 1,4 mm up to 300 pcs/h

Production speed HEDL by coil

Inner doors
HIPS 1,5 mm up to 400 pcs/h
ABS 1,4 mm up to 400 pcs/h

Standard dimensions

2000x900x200* mm
2200x900x200* mm